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Q: How can I start my own robot rental or entertainment company with Robot Costumes USA?

A: Be your own boss as a performer by renting out this robot costume to Trade Shows, Corporate Events, Movie Premieres, Store Openings, School Events and Birthday Parties. If you got the moves, we can produce the costumes. You can pay off the cost of the costume in just two months with the average hourly rate of $125. After only 25 hours of entertaining in the robot costume you will clear $3,200. This is great night and weekend work as a second job.

Q: Are the costumes heavy?

A: On our smaller (6.5ft) costumes weight 35 lbs and on our larger (8ft) costumes weigh 50 pounds. They are built using the

Lightest, but strongest composites and the weight are evenly distributed over the body like a knight in a suit of armor.

Q: What kind of person can wear these robots?

A: You must be in good physical slender shape and a good costume performer. 5' 7" to 6' 2" tall and a waist no larger than 36 inches. No bodybuilders or oversized characteristics. Each Costume adds height to the performer inside. On our smaller (6.5ft) costumes it adds 6 inches and on our larger (8ft) costumes it adds 24 inches.

Q: What does the stock costume come with?

A: Each Stock Costumes comes with helmet, front and back body, two shoulders, two arms, two biceps, two thighs, two legs, voice box, black neck piece and black underbody suit. Each costume also comes with a custom two color paint job and the client chooses the colors.

Q: How long does a performer last in one of the robots?

A: Physical conditions apply, however (Indoors) 2 hours in the larger costumes and 6 hours in the smaller costumes. (Outdoors) Depends the weather and conditions. It takes 15 minutes to get dressed. Added options like ventilation systems help with extended time.

Q: How long does it take to build one of these robots?

A: All stock robots are built from using existing molds and our smaller (6.5ft) costumes take 2 weeks and on our larger (8ft) costumes take 4 weeks. Custom designed robots can take up to 12 weeks.

Q: Which costume is right for us?

A: All the robot costumes attach attention; however each one has its individual benefits. The smaller robot costumes such as "Syphon" are less intimidating to children and are very mobile. The smaller costumes are great for walking in parades, performing on stage and quick appearances. The larger costumes like "Maxxon" and most custom costumes have great impact at trade shows, fairs and corporate events. The height helps attach more attention; however the performer is limited on the overall movement of the costume.

Q: Do you rent your costumes?

A: We do not rent out the costumes, however contact us with the details of your event and we will refer you to one of our clients in your area that handles rentals our costumes.

Q: What are the shipping costs?

A: Here are the measurements and weights of our costumes to contact your local shipping company for rates. On our smaller (6.5ft) costumes the box is 25 X 25 X 25 inches and weighs 35 lbs and on our larger (8ft) costumes the box is 30 X 36 X 36 inches and weighs 50 lbs.

Q: Is there a warranty?

A: Yes, one year limited warranty for all costumes.

Q: Do you sell just the parts like if I only want the helmet?

A: Absolutely. Just contact us and we will provide pricing on just what you need.

Q: Do you accept credit cards for payment?

A: Yes, we have a secured PayPal account to accept credit cards.

Q: How does your Custom Design Package work?

A: Our design team can work with your simple idea or company logo to produce a custom costume to fit your needs. Design packages start at $600 for three conceptual drawings and a final design for production: examples on our DESIGN PAGE. Custom Costumes range from modifications of a stock costume to a complete production of a custom design. Pricing ranges from $6,000 to modify a stock costume to $25,000 for a single custom designed costume.

Q: Is the suit unbearably hot to wear without having the fans added? This may be difficult to answer but have you had any feedback as regards at what temperature it begins to get uncomfortable? We'll mostly be working in the U.K (so no more than 25-30 degrees Celsius in the summer), however we may be working in Spain as well, so may be looking at up to the high 30s.

A: The ventilation units are great in the summer; however the costume has many gaps that allow air in to cool.

Q: Do you need to wear the black body suit (or something tight & black) because certain areas of the body are exposed in gaps in the suit?

A: Our black body suit has a built-in neck collar; however a black shirt, pants and ski mask will work.

Q: It says on your "options page" that the 7" LCD/DVD player is only available for the 'Trinity' costume. You advertise a screen for purchase for the 'Cam' costume. Is it definitely available for 'Cam' & is it fitted into the chest?

A: You can get the 7 inch DVD Player or the 10 inch IPAD in any costume chest.

Q: Can the backpack hold anything inside it? If so, please could you let me know the volume it is able to contain (as precisely as possible, please). We're looking to be able to add a dry ice machine to the suit & so need to know if we can carry it in the backpack. Are there any holes in the back pack through which we could feed a hose attached to the dry ice machine?

A: The backpack is a small space and the Voice Adaptor fits in this area. The chest is made from fiberglass and is easy to drill holes.

Q: Finally, to have the voice changer, do we also need to purchase the voice box w/ mic, so $1200 in total? Re the MP3 player; how does that work? Does that get taken in & out of the suit so we can upload MP3s onto it?

A: You get the Voice box with the purchase of the Voice Adaptor and it only comes with a plug-in for your MP3 player like IPod (you provide the MP3 player).

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