Robot Costumes USA is the worlds leader is robot mascot production. With over 15 years of stock and custom costume experience. Robot Costumes USA has a wide range of costumes in stock as well as a custom design and fabrication department. Over the years Robot Costumes USA has mastered the ability to produce costumes that are both lightweight and very durable composites. This combination allows the user to perform longer in our costumes without breaks at the same time can endure many years of guest contact. We have a wide range of clients such as theme parks, family entertainment centers, fairs, visitor centers, tourist attractions, time share, hotels, resorts, vacation destinations, nightclubs, DJs, TV commercials, movie production, skating rinks, fun parks, shows, musicals, casinos, birthday party entertainers, car dealerships, start your own business groups, photo shoots, corporate, restaurants, Dragoncon, gaming, videos, Halloween, parades, state fairs, branding, sports groups

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Robot Costumes USA is the World Leader in design and manufacturing of robot costumes. Our products can walk, talk, dance and attract everyone's attention from yards away. We are the future of entertainment mascots.

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