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Custom Work

Don't see something from our 'Stock" costume that fits your needs? Well, Robot Costumes International has a full-service design and fabrication team. Our design team can produce an exclusive and unique costume to fit any performance requirement. We can also bring to life your own design or company mascot. Custom design packages start at $500 which include a color rendering of the costume.

Custom costume can be as simple as just picking one of our stock costumes and custom designing a helmet with some shoulders. This will give a unique look to a stock costume without the cost of a complete design.

$8,000 to $15,000  Pricing based on size 


Complete custom design package. Every costume part is custom built from plug work and molds to extra features exclusive to the final design. A completely custom-built costume. 

$19,000 to $30,000  Pricing based on size


Exclusive design package and custom build. Also any exclusive corporate character development that must meet trademark or copyrighted character requirements. A detailed custom build.

$25,000 to $45,000  Pricing based on size

Budget Pricing for Custom Work

Client List

Disney Worldwide
Fox Sports
Universal Studios
Disney XD
Rovio Entertainment
MGM Studios


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